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Posting Of IAS Officers of 2014 Batch in GOI

<<<< CCS (CCA) RULES, 1965 >>>>


Rule No.Government of India’s decision

 1.Short title and commencement
  Governmentof India’s decision
  (1)Personsto whom not applicable

 4.Classification of Services
 5.Constitution of Central Civil Services
 6.Classification of Posts
  Governmentof India Decisions :
  (1) Notification
[DOPT & A.R. Notification No. 21/2/74-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.1975]
  (2) Order
[DOPT OM No. 13012/1/98-Estt. (D), dated 20.04.1998]
[DOPT OM No. 13012/1/98-Estt.(D), dated 29th July, 1998]
  (3) Classification of Posts
[DOPT OM No. 13012/1/98-Estt. (D), dated 12th June,1998]
  (4) Classification of Posts–Clarification
[DOPT OM No. 11012/5/2000-Estt. (A) dated 10thMay,2000]
 7.General Central Service

 8.Appointments to Group ‘A’ Services and Posts
  Government of India’s orders/decisions
  (1)Delegation of powers to Administrator of Goa, Daman and Dium
[MHA Order No.7/1/65-Estt. (A), dated the 10th February, 1965]
  (2)Delegation of powers to Administrators of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
[MHA Order No.7/6/69-Ests.(A), dated the 12th June, 1969]
  (3)Delegation of powers to Administrators of Arunanchal Pradesh
[DOPT OM No.7/2/72-Ests.(A), dated 21st January, 1972].
 9.Appointments to other Services and Posts

  Government of India’s decisions
  (1) Report of arrest to superiors by Government servants.
[MHA letter No. 39/59/54-Est.(A), dated the 25thFebruary, 1955]
  (2) Headquarters of Government servant under suspension
[MHA OM No. 39/5/56-Ests.(A), dated the 8th September, 1956]
  (3) How suspension is to be regulated during pendency of criminal proceedings,arrests, detention etc.
[M.O.F. No. F.15(8)-E IV/57, dated 28thMarch, 1959]
  (4) Circumstances under which a Government servant may be placed under suspension
[MHA OM No. 43/56/64-AVD dated the 22ndOctober, 1964].
  (5) Forwarding of Application of Government servants involved in disciplinary proceedings
[MHA OM No. 39/17/63-Ests.(A) datedthe 6th September, 1968]
  (5A) Forwarding applications for other posts – Principles regarding
[DOPT OM No. AB14017/101/91-Estt. (RR), dated 14thMay, 1993]
  (6) Suspension – Reduction of time limit fixed for serving charge-sheet
[Cabinet Sectt. (Deptt. of Personnel) Memo No.39/3970-Ests.(A), dated the 4th February, 1971; O.M. No.39/33/72-Estt. (A) dated 1th December, 1972; DP&AR O.M. No.11012/7/78-Estt. (A) dated 14th September, 1978; O.M. No.42014/7/83-Estt. (A) dated 18th February, 1984].
  (6A) Reasons for suspension to be communicated on expiry of three months period if no charge-sheet is issued.
  (7) Timely payment of subsistence allowance
[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms) OM No.11012/10/76-Estt.(A), dated 6th October, 1976]
  (8) Erroneous detention or detention without basis
[DOPT & AR OM No. 35014/9/76-Estt. (A), dated 08.08.1977]
  (9) Deemed suspension on grounds of detention to be treated as revoked if conviction does not follow
[DOPT OM No.11012/16/85-Estt.(A), dated 10.01.1986]
  (10) Disciplinary proceedings against an employee appointed to a higher post on ad-hoc basis
[DOPT OM No. 11012/9/86-Estt.(A), dated the 24th December, 1986]
  (11) Suspension in cases of dowry death
[DOPT OM No.11012/8/87-Ests.(A), dated the 22nd June, 1987]
  (12) Resignation from Service procedure in respect of
[DOPT OM No. 28034/25/87-Ests.(A), dated 11th February, 1988]
  (13) Promotion of Government servants against whom disciplinary/court proceedings are pending or whose Conduct is under investigation-Procedure and guidelines to be followed
[DOPT OM No.22011/4/91-Estt. (A), dated 14.09.1992]
  (13A)Instructions on sealed cover procedure – Applicability to review DPC – clarification regarding
[DOPT OM No.22011/4/99-Estt. (A), dated 21.11.1999]
  (13B)Sealed Cover Procedure – Judgment of the Supreme Court in the case of Delhi Jal Board Vs. Mohinder Singh [JT 2002 (10) SC 158]
[DOPT OM No. 22011/2/2002-Estt. (A), dated 24.02.2003]
  (14) Deemed Suspension under Rule 10 (2) of the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 – Supreme Court decision in the case of Union of India Vs. Rajiv Kumar
[DOPT OM No. 11012/8/2003-Estt. (A), dated 23.10.2003]
  (15A)Suspension of Government Servants - Review of - Instructions Regd.
[DOPT OM No. 11012/4/2003-Estt.(A), dated 7.01.2004]
  (15B)Suspension of Government Servants - Review of - Instructions Regd.
[DOPT OM No. 11012/4/2003-Estt.(A), dated 19.03.2004]
  (15C)Review of suspension - Amendment to the provisions of rule 10
[DOPT OM No. 11012/4/2003-Estt.(A), dated 12.07.2007]

  Government of India’s decisions
  (1) Distinction between Censure and Warning
[MHA OM No. 39/21/56-Ests.(A), dated the 13th December, 1956]
  (1A)Writing of Confidential Reports – Mention of warnings therein
[DOPT & AR OM No. 21011/1/81-Ests.(A), dated the 5thJune, 1981]
  (1B)Promotion to a higher Grade or post – Clarifications regarding effect of warnings etc. on promotion
[DOPT O.M. No. 11012/6/2008-Estt. (A) dated 7th July, 2008]
  (2) Departmental action for neglect of family by Government servant
[MHA OM No. F.25/16/59-Ests.(A), dated the 1st September, 1959]
  (3) Entry of punishments in confidential rolls
[MHA OM No. 38/12/59-Ests. (A), dated the 23rd April, 1960]
  (4) Repromotion of officers reduced in rank as a measure of penalty
[MHA OM No. 9/30/63-Estt. (D), dated the 7thFebruary, 1964].
  (5) Registering name with Employment Exchange for higher posts not permissible when penalty is in force
[MHA OM No.14/6/65-Ests.(D), dated the 22nd February, 1965].
  (6) Provision in the rules of public undertakingenabling disciplinary action against direct recruits for acts committed prior to their recruitment
[MHA OM No. 39/1/67-Ests.(A), dated the 21stFebruary, 1967]
  (7) Promotion of employees on whom any penalty has been imposed
[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel) OM No. 21/5/70-Ests.(A),dated the 15th May, 1971]
  (7A)Promotion of employees on whom any penalty has beenimposed
[DOP&AR O.M. No.22011/2/78-Estt. (A) dated 16th February, 1979]
  (8) Scope of penalty of reduction in rank-Supreme Court judgment in cases of Shri Nayadar Singh and Shri M.J. Ninama Vs. Union of India (Civil Appeal No. 3003 of 1988 and 889 of 1988)
[DOPT OM No.11012/2/88-Estt. Dated 02.02.89]
  (9) Penalty of reduction to a lower stage in the time scale of pay for a period not exceeding three years without cumulative effect and not adversely affecting his pension
[DOPT OM No.11012/4/86-Estt. (A), dated 28.05.92]
  (10)Action against Government servants to be taken if they are later found ineligible or unqualified for their initial recruitment.
[DOPT OM No. 11012/7/91-Estt. (A) dated 19.05.1993].
  (11)Rule 11 (iii) of the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 – Recovery of pecuniary loss caused by a Government servant –Clarifications
[DOPT OM No. 11012/1/2000-Estt. (A), dated 6thSeptember, 2000]
  (12)Imposition of penalty of reduction to a lower time scale of pay, grade, post or service
[DOPT OM No. 11012/2/2005-Estt. (A), dated 14thMay, 2007]
 12.Disciplinary Authorities
  Government of India’s decision
  (1) Officers performing current duties of a post cannot exercise Statutory powers under the Rules
[MHA OM No. 7/14/61-Ests.(A),dated 24th January, 1963]
  (2) Powers delegated to Chief Commissioner, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
[MHA Memo No. F.7/16/64-Ests.(A), dated the 30thMay, 1964]
  (3) Clarification about rule 12, 14 etc.
[MHA Memo No.F.39/1/69-Ests.(A), dated the 16th April, 1969]
 13Authority to institute proceedings

14.Procedure for imposing penalties
  Government of India’s decision
  (1)Instructions to avoid procedural delays in the disposal discipline cases
[MHA OM No. 39/40/52-Est., dated the 4thOctober, 1952]
  (2)Pay Commission’s recommendations regarding disciplinary proceedings and Government’s order thereon
[MHA OM No. F 6(26)/60-Ests. Dated 16th February, 1961]
  (3)Supply of copies of documents to the delinquent official
[MHA OM No. 30/5/61-AVD, dated the 25th August, 1961]
  (4)Examination of witnesses on behalf of the accused official
[MHA OM No. 6/26/60-Ests. , dated the 8th June, 1962]
  (5)Prosecution or departmental action according to seriousness of the offence
[MHA OM No. 39/8/64-Ests.(A), dated the 4thSeptember, 1964]
  (6)Measures to prevent tampering with records/documents during inspection by delinquent officials
[MHA OM No.242/96/65-AVD dated the 27th September, 1965]
  (7)Assisting Government servants
[CVC letter No.61/3/67-C dated the 8th January, 1968]
  (8)Cross-examination by or on behalf of the Government servant after the presenting officer has re-examined the witness
[Cabinet Sectt. (Deptt. of Personnel) Memo No. 7/11/70-Estt. (A) dated the 24thSeptember, 1970]
  (9)Conduct of enquiries against delinquent officers by gazetted officers/senior officers
[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel) Memo No. 7/1/70-Estts. (A) dated the 6th January, 1971]
  (10)Appointment of Inquiring Authority
[Cabinet Sectt. Department of Personnel, OM No. 39/40/70-Ests.(A) dated 9thNovember, 1972]
  (11)Inquiry by the disciplinary authority
[Deptt. of Personnel & AR OM No. 35014/1/76-Ests.(A), dated the 29thJuly, 1976]
  (12)Whether charges can be dropped at the stage of initial written statement of defence
[MHA OM No. 11012/2/79-Estt. (A),dated the 12th March, 1981 and OM No. 11012/8/82-Estt. (A), dated the 8th December, 1982]
  (13)Permission to engage a Legal Practitioner
[Deptt.of Personnel & AR OM No. 11012/7/83-Estt. (A), dated the 23rdJuly, 1984]
  (14)Restriction on engaging Defence Assistant
[DOPT OM No. 11012/3/86-Estt. (A), dated the 29th April, 1986]
  (15)Appearance of a Government servant before the inquiry authority – Clarification of the import of the provisions in Rule 14 (7) of the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965
[Deptt. of Personnel &Training’s OM No. 35034/7/92-Estt. (A), dated 28th December,1993.]
  (16)Retired Government servants appearing as defence assistants conditions regarding
[DOPT OM No. 11012/11/2002-Estt.(A), dated 5th February, 2003]
  (17)Simultaneous action of prosecution in a court and initiation of departmental proceedings
[DOPT OM No. 11012/6/2007-Estt.(A), dated 1st August, 2007]
 15.Action on inquiry report
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Final orders to be passed by the ‘higher disciplinary authority’ who instituted the enquiry
[MHA OM No. 6/26/60-Ests.(A), dated the 8th June, 1962]
  (2)Not appropriate to bring in past bad records in deciding the penalty, unless it is made the subject matter of specific charge of the charge-sheet itself
[G.I.M.H.A., OM No. 134/20/68-AVD, dated the 28th August, 1968]
  (3)Passing of orders by the Disciplinary Authority on the report of Inquiry Officer – Quick disposal of cases
[Cabinet Sectt. (Deptt. of Personnel) Memo No. 39/43/70-Ests.(A) dated the 8thJanuary, 1971]
  (3A)Delays in passing orders by the Disciplinary Authorities
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/21/98-Estt.(A) dated 11th November, 1998]
  (4)Disciplinary cases – need for issuing speaking orders by competent authorities
[Deptt. of Personnel & A.R. OM No.134/1/81-AVD-I dated 13.07.1981]
  (5)Supply of copy of inquiry report to the accused Government servant before final orders are passed by the disciplinary authority
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training’s 11012/13/85-Estt. Dated 26th June, 1989]
  (5A)Reasons for disagreement, if any should be communicated
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/22/94-Estt.(A), dated 27.11.1995]
  (6)Jurisdiction of the CAT in the matter of quantum of penalty against Government servants
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/1/90-Ests.(A) dated 28.02.1990]
  (6A)Jurisdiction of the CAT in the matter of disciplinary action against Government servants
[Deptt. of Personnel &Training OM No. 11012/6/94-Estt. (A) dated 28.03.1994]
 16.Procedure for imposing minor penalties
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Enquiry mandatory in certain types of the penalty of withholding of increments
[MHA OM No. 7/3/67-Ests.(A) dated the 19thJanuary, 1968]
  (2)Minor Penalty – holding of inquiry in specific circumstances
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No.11012/18/85-Ests.(A), dated 28th October, 1985]
 17.Communication of Orders
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Entry of punishments in confidential rolls
[G.I.,MHA OM No. 38/12/59-Ests.(A) dated the 23rd April, 1960]
 18.Common Proceedings
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Procedure of enquiry when two Government servants accuse each other
[G.I. MHA Letter No. 6/98/63-AVD dated the 13thJune, 1963]

Special procedure in certain cases

  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Scope of second proviso to Article 311 (2) of the Constitution
[DOPT OM No. 11012/11/85-Estt. Dated the 11thNovember, 1985]
  (2)Issue of charge-sheet where action is taken under Rule 19
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/11/85-Estt. (A)dated 4th April, 1986]
 20.Provisions regarding officers lent to State Government’s, etc.
 21.Provisions regarding officers borrowed from State Governments, etc.

 22.Orders against which no appeal lies
 23.Orders against which appeal lies
 24.Appellate Authority
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Appeal in the case of a disciplinary order against an office-bearer of an association or union
[MHA OM No. 7/14/64-Ests.(A)dated 18th April, 1967]
 25.Period of Limitation of appeals
 26.Form and contents of appeal
 27.Consideration of appeal
  Government of India’s Decisions
  (1)Time-limit for the disposal of appeals
[Cabinet Sectt. (Department of Personnel), OM No. 39/42/70-Ests. (A) dated the 15thMay, 1971]
  (2)Personal hearing at the discretion of appellate authority in major penalty cases
[G.I., Deptt. of Personnel & Trg. OM No. 11012/20/85-Estt. (A) dated 28th October, 1985]
  (2A)Personal hearing at the discretion of appellate authority in major penalty cases
[G.I. Deptt. of Personnel & Trg. OM No. 11012/2/91-Estt. (A) dated 23.04.1991]
 28Implementation of orders in appeal

  Government of India’s Instructions
  (1)Procedure to be followed while proposing enhancement of the penalty already imposed on a Government servant
[G.I.MHA OM No. 39/2/68-Ests.(A), dated the 14th May, 1968]
  Government of India’s Instructions
  (1)President’s power of review under Rule 29
[MHA (D/O P&AR) OM No. 11012/1/80-Ests.(A), dated the 3rdSeptember, 1981].

 30.Service of orders, notices, etc.
 31.Power to relax time-limit and to condone delay
 32.Supply of copy of Commission’s advice
 33.Transitory Provisions
 34.Repeal and Saving
 35.Removal of doubts
  Government of India’s Instructions
  (1)Copy of advice by UPSC to be given to Government servant
[MHA OM No. F.23/19/60-Ests.(B) dated the 29thDecember, 1964]
  (2)Procedure regarding closing of disciplinary cases in the event of death of the charged official
[Deptt. of Personnel &Training OM No. 11012/7/99-Estt. (A) dated 20th October, 1999]
  (3)Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties.
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012/7/98-Estt. (A), dated 7thNovember, 2000]
  (4)Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties.
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012(4)/2008-Estt. (A), dated 20thMarch, 2008]
  (5)Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties.
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012(4)/2008-Estt. (A), dated 28thJuly, 2008]
  (6)Disciplinary jurisdiction of Election Commission of India over Government servants deputed for election duties.
[Deptt. of Personnel & Training OM No. 11012(4)/2008-Estt. (A), dated 28thJuly, 2008]

Part ICentral Civil Services, Group ‘A’
Part IICentral Civil Services, Group ‘B’
Part IIICentral Civil Services, Group ‘C’
Part IVCentral Civil Services, Group ‘D’
Part VCivil Posts in Defence Services